About Our Products
- As our jewelry is handmade, all our products will vary in shape, size and texture. Although carefully polished, user may experience slight friction due to the unique feature of the material used.
- Please note when purchasing online, depending on the setting of your display/monitor the impression of the actual product may vary from the images available.
- As we handcraft the product once order placed, please note 2-4 weeks are required before shipping. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

We ship via Yamato Transport.
Shipping fee is set at JPYxxx for all regions within Japan.

We mainly use silver925. Plated products are nickel free 18k plated.
Jewelry sustains wear and tear or change in color even by normal daily use. 
We trust you can enjoy such unique aging of our product for many years to come.

Notes when Wearing
- We handcraft our products delicately. When subject to strong pressure or impact, distortion or breakage may occur. 
- Depending on one’s constitution, itching or rash may occur when using. In such instance, we advise to stop wearing and seek medical advice.
- In order to prevent any physical damage, please refrain from wearing when engaging in activities that involve physical activity such as sports or heavy duty. Pease also avoid wearing when sleeping, taking care of infants or elderlies.
- Take caution around infants and pets in order to avoid any accidents.
- Wearing jewelry while bathing, exercising or swimming may lead to discoloration.
*We do not take responsibility on any loss or harm caused by using our product post purchase.

Return Policy
We only accept return enquiries when initially delivered faulty or incorrectly delivered.
We do not accept return, refund or exchange requests due to our customer’s preference.
In case any notable deficiency; please be sure to contact us here within five calendar days.
We will revert with a specific return attention/address. Please make sure to ship back by payment on arrival. We will proceed to exchange the product.
Below are the conditions we do NOT accept any return enquiries.
・ When a return request is made after more than five calendar days after the arrival of the product.
・ When a product is returned without any contact from the customer.
・ When the level of wear and tear is such that we cannot deem to be unused.
・ When associated accessories (including, but not limited to, container, guarantee card and delivery note) are damaged, lost or contaminated.
・ When the product is purchased somewhere else than this website.

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